Lots of Gesture Drawing!

“The study of gesture is not simply a matter of looking at the movement that the model makes.  You must also seek to understand the impulse that exists inside the model and causes the pose which you see.”

Straight to the point, this thought from Kimon Nicolaides is taken from his famous book “The Natural Way To Draw”.  Check out these examples of gesture drawings from past APW students who have studied and incorporated gesture drawing into their drawing practise.  The drawings are by Aaron Lun, Gabriel Arrellega, Alexanne Boisonneau, Kevin Oh, Rajesh N. Pai, Auguste Chang, Sonia Furier, Vlad Mokhov, Samantha Tran, Kendra Witherspoon.


animation_portfolio_workshop_aaron_lun_life-optional-1animatiopn_portfolio_workshop_life_drawing_4_gabriel_arrellegaIMG_0229animation portfolio workshop, alexanne biossonneau, life drawinganimation portfolio workshop, life drawing, kevin ohanimation portfolio workshop, gesture drawing, rajesh n. paianimation portfolio workshop, gesture drawing, rajesh n. paianimation portfolio workshop, life drawing, auguste changanimation portfolio workshop, life drawing, sonia furier animation_portfolio_workshop_vlad_m_2014_life_drawing_2 animation_portfolio_workshop_samantha_tran_2014_life_drawing_6 animation_portfolio_workshop_kendra_witherspoon_life_drawing_2