APW can offer an online Field Trip that is designed specifically for your classroom during Covid-19. For more information please contact [email protected]

We Provide

We Provide

A large studio, an instructor, a clothed model, drawing boards, drawing horses and an action packed 3 hour APW session.

You Provide

You Provide

A group of high school art students ready for a workout, transport to and from our location.

Experiential Learning

Animation Portfolio Workshop welcomes drawing field trips from public and private schools.

The three-hour class – with breaks – begins with a brief orientation and intro to what we do at the Animation Portfolio Workshop. Then it’s on to the session – APW provides an instructor, drawing benches, drawing boards, and a clothed life model. The class is conducted in three segments:

  • SEGMENT ONE – Drawing exercises using a live, clothed model. This hands-on segment introduces students to some of the initial work taught in our many workshop classes.
  • SEGMENT TWO – A workout in the basics of animation character-drawing.  Exercises taken from the APW curriculum cover a fun intro to character construction and posing.
  • SEGMENT THREE – A brief presentation of student portfolios, and a question-and-answer period for visiting students.


The Field Trip Experience FAQ

Where is your studio?
729 St. Clair Ave. West, Toronto, ON Google map

What is the fee?
The cost of the 3-hour session is $250.00 CAD per group.

Who arranges transportation?
 Transportation to and from APW is the responsibility of the visiting school.

What equipment does APW provide?
APW provides the drawing horses, and the drawing boards.  Visiting schools provide 1 graphite stick, 2 bulldog clips and 2 pads of newsprint paper per student.

What kinds of drawing exercises will the students do?
Students will ba taken through several fast-paced gesture drawing exercises and some basic character design and posing exercises.
How many art students can you accommodate?
There is a maximum allowance of 30 visiting students per class

How long is the session?
3 hours with breaks.


The Field Trip Requirements

  • A maximum allowance of 30 visiting students per class
  • Students must bring the supplies requested on our checklist: drawing pads, clips, graphite etc.
  • Teacher from the visiting school must be present throughout the duration of the class
  • Transportation to and from APW is the responsibility of the visiting school.


Customized Sessions

  • Longer, in depth, customized sessions can be arranged and designed for schools by APW upon request. Email APW for further information. [email protected]



  • No photographs of visitors will be taken by APW or its employees for promotional purposes without individual written consent.


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