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Our History

Animation Portfolio Workshop is Canada’s first and original animation portfolio preparation program. Founded in 1999 by Gerard Sternik and Vince Peets, we set the standard for pre-art college training in drawing. 

We are a social yet disciplined environment for budding animators to build a strong portfolio by cultivating proper technique and learning how to measure their progress. 

The last 23 years of teaching have proven to us that learning how to draw will prepare you to take on the challenges of school – and beyond. 

Animation Portfolio Workshop has partnered with the Honourable Justice Kofi N. Barnes and APW Associate Director Joshua Miller, to offer the APW African Canadian Youth Scholarship granted annually to one student who best meets the specific financial and artistic eligibility criteria for this opportunity.

One opportunity can change everything.

African Canadian Youth Scholarship.

Drawing excellence
is essential.

If your dream is to get into animation school, you need to know how to draw. No “short cuts” or “tips on portfolio-making” can ever substitute for doing the work. 

We’ve designed our animation portfolio preparation course to cover exactly what you need to know in order to get into animation school and perhaps more importantly, to be able to meet the challenges of learning animation.

Our Course

228 hours of live, comprehensive, and interactive curriculum from our highly successful animation portfolio preparation program. Learn character design, life drawing, perspective, layout, storyboards and more while building your animation school portfolio.

We offer options to best suit your schedule. All classes are delivered live with the choice of in-person or online.

Your portfolio matters.

Learn from the best.

Not ready to build a portfolio?

Dip your toe into animation and sharpen your drawing skills with our introductory and open session programming. 

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