APW grad – stop-motion storyteller – Dani Elizondo

Originally from Monterey Mexico, Dani Elizondo is pursuing her animation dream.  At the time of this post, Dani is working toward getting her BAA in animation at Sheridan College. Adding a thorough knowlege of traditional animation to her own love of stop-motion animation, puppet building, characters, stories and comic writing/illustration.  Dani’s refreshing and personal sense of design and story stand out against the pervading styles that seem to reappear over and over again in mainstream animation.


“I came to Canada to learn how to draw so I could pursue my dream to get into animation school and become part of the animation industry.”

We often hear new students at APW expressing concerns about “style”.  Do I have a good style?  How do I develop an interesting style?  Our answer is simple – step one is to take the time and learn how to draw. With each stage of development along this path of drawing, learning and practice, the innate style within each young artist begins to manifest itself naturally. Dani’s experience shows this principle at work. A very personal visual style and a clear sense of personality give her stories, drawings and animations a genuine quality.  A young rising star beginning her journey.