APW in Top 100 Animation Schools

The Animation Portfolio Workshop has been identified as one of the Top 100 Schools for Animation, Gaming and Design.  In the world.

“To help students navigate through the world of animation schools, we’ve put together the Top 100 most highly-regarded and sought after animation schools on the planet.”  Animation Career Review on April 17, 2012

APW in Top 100 Animation Schools 1


Published by the Animation Career Review (ACR) on April 17, 2012,  this world-wide list includes prominent international animation schools such as Sheridan College, Seneca Animation Arts Centre and Vancouver Film School (Canada), California School of the Arts, Ringling (USA), Bejing Film Academy (China) and Gobelins (France).  In their role as a “source for aspiring animation, design, and gaming professionals seeking info on training programs, schools and colleges”, the Animation Career Review presents their take on the top 100 Animation Schools in the world as a guide for people deciding which schools to look to for the best animation education and where to submit an animation portfolio.

“It certainly is nice to be recognized by the Animation Career Review for the work that we do.  For everyone on the APW team, our focus continues to be on teaching the fundamental drawing skills that will give our students an opportunity to make the best animation portfolio they are capable of.”  Vince Peets, Animation Portfolio Workshop Director.

“We’ve worked really hard over the last 13 years to try and help students to get into the top animation schools in the world.  And to our great satisfaction , we’ve been able to do that for many young adults who’ve nourished the dream of becoming professional animators since they were kids.”  Gerard Sternik, Animation Portfolio Workshop Director

Below is the write up for the APW that appears on the Top 100 Schools for Animation Gaming and Design:

89. Animation Portfolio Workshop – Toronto, Canada

The Animation Portfolio Workshop may seem like an unlikely candidate for this list, but if you’re applying to any schools on this list with tough portfolio requirements (which is the majority of them) they could help save your academic career.  For years the school has been a well-kept Canadian secret that helps aspiring students get into Canada’s toughest animation schools, like Sheridan College, VFS, Capilano and Ryerson, by teaching ancillary courses in Life Drawing for Animation and other portfolio-building techniques.  The rest of the world would do well to recognize the importance of this school and smart aspiring American animators use it to get a competitive advantage when applying to schools like CalArts, RISD and MICA.