perspective drawing

Animation Portfolio Workshop layout drawings by 2018 grads

A look back at some layout drawings selecyed from animation portfolios from Animation Portfolio Workshop class of 2018.  Portfolios for animation schools require a solid knowledge of perspective shown in layouts like these.  In these drawings, 2 point perspective, composition, solid object drawing, sketching, center of interest, overlapping objects, depth, variation in shapes show a number of the important areas that APW students spend months practising in order to arrive at the final portfolio pieces.  These Animation Portfolio Workshop grads are in Sheridan animation.

Animation Portfolio Workshop layout drawings by 2018 grads 1
2018 Layout by Alisen Montoya Sheridan student
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Animation Portfolio Room Drawings

A huge part of the animation portfolio is the room drawing.  The room drawing is an opportunity to show the animation school that you’re applying to that you have a working knowledge of 2 point perpective.  For some schools, it also is a chance to pose a character within an environment. 

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