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Sheridan Art Fundamentals and Animation Portfolio Workshop – What’s the Difference?

Guest post by Bernadette Peets AOCA


I am in the unique position of having taught in the Sheridan College Art Fundamental’s Program for over 10 years, worked on the original committee that developed the Sheridan College VCA Program, taught Life Drawing For Animation in the APW program and am currently the acting Administrative Director of the Animation Portfolio Workshop.

I would like to share my thoughts (based on my first hand experience) on what I understand to be the major differences between the Sheridan Art Fundamentals Program and the Animation Portfolio Workshop Program with respect to preparing an animation portfolio to get into the Sheridan Animation Program.

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Charlie Bonafacio and APW’s animation industry guest-judges

animation_portfolio_workshop_char_des_contest_2014_1Animation Portfolio Workshop has been privileged to enjoy the involvement of a number of experienced (and very generous) animation artists over the years who have taken time from their busy lives to take on the role of a special guest judge in our APW Character Design Contest.  Back in 2014 Animation Portfolio Workshop had the pleasure of working with Charlie Bonafacio.  It’s not everyday that a chance comes along for a beginner to have their drawings looked at by a former Disney animator

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APW grad Graham Finley up for Incredibles 2 Oscar

APW grad Graham Finley up for Incredibles 2 Oscar 1

We’re proud of the work done by APW grads.  After learning drawing fundamentals at APW, these young artists go on to hone their abilities in other schools and programs and then on to the animation biz here in Toronto and internationally.  The 2019 Oscars are an opportunity for Animation Portfolio Workshop to salute Graham Finley and recognize his outstanding work.


“Learning how to draw was the most important thing that I’ve taken from APW”

Graham Finley – Animator Pixar

Graham has worked at Pixar on a number of Pixar films: Inside Out, Brave, Monsters University, Piper, and most recently, Incredibles 2.  A successful animator, devoted to his craft and producing top-notch work. 

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Animation Portfolio Workshop featured grad Chang Dai

Chang Dai’s extensive animation experience covers character design, storyboards, art direction, hand drawn animation, game design and production design in Toronto (Yowza Animation, Arc Animation, Industrial Brothers, Jam Filled Entertainment, House of Cool), , Minneapolis, and in San Francisco (Play Studios).  Chang’s professional animation experience shows a highly developed ability to draw well. 

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Spider-Verse an antidote to boredom with current animated feature-film fare

Spider-Verse an antidote to boredom with current animated feature-film fare 2

Is it possible that we’ve become tired of the increasingly similar look and feel of current animation feature films?

Consider the current response to the Sony Pictures block-buster, Oscar nominated “Spider-Man Into The Spider-Verse” in this article from Animation World Network entitled “Art Triumphs Over Everything.  Animation geeks and mainstream film-goers alike are finding a virtual treasure trove of inspiration and visual interest in Spider-Verse’s artful direction by the art direction team of Patrick O’Keefe (Animation Portfolio Workshop grad)

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Animation Portfolio Workshop Summer Intensive

Animation Portfolio Workshop Summer Intensive 3

International and Canadian students make up the Animation Portfolio Workshop Summer Intensive Sessions and create a special atmosphere.  Diverse cultural backgrounds all come together when it’s time to draw.  Mexico, Columbia, Guatemala, Senegal, UK, USA, Italy, India, Denmark, Switzerland, Vietnam, Fort MacMurray Alta., Winnipeg Man.,  and even our fair Toronto and throughout Ontario.

The Summer Intensive lives up to it’s name and is a full 38 days of classes (6 hours per day) spread out over 8 weeks in July and August

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Animation Portfolio Workshop Character featured grad Saud Boksmati

Animation Portfolio Workshop Character featured grad Saud Boksmati 4

Animation Portfolio Workshop grad Saud Boksmati has made Visual Development and Character Design a matter of priority in his art practise.   Soulful character designs filled with personality and humanity and meaningful story-telling are hallmarks of Saud’s personal drawings and illustrations as well as his professional work for Cartoon Network, LAIKA Entertainment,

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APW Grad Patrick O’Keefe – “Spider-Man Into The Spider-Verse” Art Director


Award winning “Spider-Man Into The Spider-Verse” Art Director Patrick O’Keefe talks abut his roots as an Animation Portfolio Workshop student.  Patrick cites his APW experience as seminal in forming a passion for drawing that motivates him to constantly aim high in his work as a professional.

Moving into films and working digitally, even building these crazy video game worlds, that all came from an understanding of drawing and design that I learned at APW

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Animation Portfolio Workshop Gesture Drawing


APW instructors demonstrate each drawing exercise.  Our instructors draw.  Our instructors are awesome.  The only way to teach something is if you understand it because it’s part of your daily life.  It’s the way Animation Portfolio Workshop operates.   Have a look at the following video to see

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