Saud Boksmati

If you enter the APW Character Design Contest, your drawings are looked at by an animation professional with years of experience.  We’re happy (and more than a little proud) to introduce our special guest judge for the APW 2015 Character Design Contest –  Saud Boksmati.  Presently an art director for House of Cool in Toronto Saud is a man of rich international experience in animation and animation education.  Originally from Tripoli Lebanon, Saud has worked as a Freelance Designer and Illustrator in Beirut, Lebanon. After studying at the Animation Portfolio Workshop, then earning his Bachelor of Applied arts in Animation from Sheridan College in Oakville Ontario, Saud has moved on to work on several animated projects as a Designer and Concept Artist for various international clients including National Geographic Kids, House of Cool Studios and LAIKA Entertainment.

Have a look at Saud’s character designs and other artwork.


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