To help aspiring animation artists who are designing characters for the APW Character Design Contest, we asked animation professionals – former APW students and friends of APW working in the animation biz to add their character design pointers in the Pro-Tips series.

Pro-Tip #3 comes from APW grad,  Visual Development and Character Designer Saud Boksmati based in Beirut,  Lebanon.   Saud’s character design tip features his character “Napolean” as an example to illustrate the idea of using flexible volumetric shapes to build up the inner construction of an animation character.

Pro-Tip #3 Volumetric Shapes 1 Pro-Tip #3 Volumetric Shapes 2 Pro-Tip #3 Volumetric Shapes 3 Pro-Tip #3 Volumetric Shapes 4Pro-Tip #3 Volumetric Shapes 5
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