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Are you making a portfolio to get into a top animation or illustration program?  Get valuable feedback and expert advice from APW Directors and Instructors on how to improve your animation and illustration school entrance portfolio for free at this event.

APW International Portfolio Day gives prospective animation/illustration students an opportunity to receive free one-on-one valuable feedback and advice from Canada’s animation/illustration portfolio experts on how to improve their portfolio submissions going forward.  Anyone who is not an APW student is eligible to attend this free event.

APW Animation Portfolio Day 1


DATE :  November 19th, 2021

TIME :  5PM to 9PM





Introduction by Bernadette Peets

Opening remarks by APW Directors Gerard Sternik and Vince Peets



APW Directors and Instructors assess and review portfolios one-on-one. Each individual session is 15 minutes in length for each student.

Spaces will fill up fast and they will be filled on a first-come-first-served basis. Once a reviewers’ roster has been filled their session will be closed to any other participants.

OPEN FORUM FOR PARENTS            5:15PM – 8:45PM

After opening remarks, students or parents who are not waiting for a portfolio review are invited to take part in an informal Q&A with  Bernadette Peets about the portfolio process



End Meeting.




REGISTER here if you want to BOOK A REVIEW

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REGISTER here if you are a parent or a student without a portfolio and you wish to join the Q&A with APW Director Bernadette Peets:



All participants who sign up for a portfolio review sessions should bring their work in progress – 5 to 10 drawings: 4 or 5 life drawings, a drawing of a household object, character drawings, a drawing of a room in your house and any other drawing you like.  It’s not necessary to bring your entire finished portfolio, but we do need to see 5-10 drawings so that we can give you some useful feedback.  Add all of the drawings into a single PDF doc.


APW Portfolio Reviewers

APW Directors and Instructors will meet with individuals one-on-one to review portfolios and offer their expert feedback and suggestions.

Gerard Sternik

Gerard Sternik

APW director Gerard Sternik is a graduate of the Drawing and Painting Department at Ontario College of Art. He spent two years studying drawing and sculpture in Florence, Italy, and four years studying anatomy in conjunction with the University of Toronto Department of Gross Anatomy. He taught Life Drawing and Anatomy at Sheridan College in the Classical Animation Department.

Joshua Miller

Joshua Miller

APW Associate Director, Joshua is an APW grad, Seneca Animation grad, Children's Book Illustrator, Storyboard Artist and a Senior Instructor, Program Coordinator and Teacher Trainer at APW. Josh also teaches at U of T School of Continuing Studies where he was awarded Honorable Mention as one of the top ten instructors from a pool of over 700 for 2019.

Vince Peets

Vince Peets

APW director Vince Peets has years of experience as an educator (storyboard, illustration, drawing for animation, character design) as well as professional experience in illustration, animation, visual development and storyboarding for TV and feature films. He taught drawing for animation, storyboarding and visual language at Sheridan College Animation.

Niko Powell

Niko Powell

Nikolas Powell is an APW Instructor, an aspiring Story Artist and graduate of Sheridan College's Bachelor of Animation '19. Niko's experience includes work as an animator at Yowza! Animation (HBO Max Looney Toons) in Oakville ON and work as a Story/Animation intern for Nørlum in Viborg, Denmark (Big Hero 6 Disney TV). Niko also worked on the stop motion short film The Curious Case of Ms Binks


Who is portfolio day for?
Anyone who plans to apply to a post secondary animation/illustration program (this excludes any current APW student).

How do I Sign Up
Simple – go to the signup link above and sign up. Spaces are limited and they will fill up fast.

How will I show my work
Have your drawings ready in a pdf format.

Are schools represented at this event
No. This event provides: 1. One-on-one feedback and advice from APW Directors and Instructors, and 2. An informal Q&A for parents and students about the portfolio process.


What’s in a Portfolio?

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