In order to qualify as an applicant for this scholarship we need to review specific financial information to ensure the scholarship is granted to someone that needs financial assistance to cover tuition costs. Please complete the section below to the best of your abilities and attach supporting documentation where applicable:

1. Applicant Information


2. Household Information

a) List all individuals that live with you and their relationship to you

If more people live in your household, please attach a list with additional individuals

b) Do you receive support from individuals not living with you?

c) If you answered Yes in the previous question, please provide the following information for the individuals providing you with support:

3. Limited Savings Capacity Test

Complete the following on a household level (i.e. sum of all individuals listed in 1.a):

Other Recurring Costs / Month (Average). List below where applicable

Include financial obligations (leases, loans, etc.) and any other relevant monthly costs that impact your ability to generate savings

4. Required Supporting Documentation

In order to confirm the financial information disclosed, we will need the following documents.

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