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I hereby irrevocably grant Animation Portfolio Workshop permission to use my name, biographical or occupational description, and personal information and/or artwork supplied by me/us to Animation Portfolio Workshop – drawing, picture, artwork, recording, film footage, likeness, voice, or any or all of them – in recording, motion picture film, television production or reproduction, sound track recording, still photograph, web site, or otherwise. Furthermore, I/we hereby grant to Animation Portfolio Workshop, its clients, successors, assigns and/or anyone acting under the authority or permission of any of them, the right to make originals where appropriate and to use in advertising and publicity, in any and all publications and other media without limitation or reservation for any lawful purpose; and reproduce in any form or manner and to copyright any of the items referred to in the preceding paragraph.

I hereby release whatever rights, title or property interest I may have in the items referred to in this release as it pertains to me. I understand that I shall receive no compensation for my appearance in promotional materials or activities.

I hereby agree to hold Animation Portfolio Workshop harmless and to indemnify Animation Portfolio Workshop and its contractors, agents and employees, and/or anyone acting under the authority or permission of Animation Portfolio Workshop, from any and all claims arising out of, or resulting from, my acts or statements in any of the above-mentioned items.
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