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 The deadline for contest submissions is Friday, August 13, 2021.

Design your own animation character and enter the APW Character Design Contest. You could win free APW tuition, Toon Boom software, $300 worth of art supplies or other great art related stuff!


1st Prize - Free Tuition for Session II (Sept.21/Feb.22)

1st Prize - Free Tuition for Session II (Sept.21/Feb.22)

4th Prize - $300 Worth of Art Supplies!

4th Prize - $300 Worth of Art Supplies!

How to enter

How to enter

Read the contest guidelines below

Design a Character

Design a Character

Design your own animation character - For inspiration have a look at our Pro-Tips for advice from animation professionals.

Draw the Poses

Draw the Poses

Draw your animation character - draw 4 views of a standing pose, 3 active poses and 4 facial expressions.

Submit Online

Submit Online

Fill out an Entry Form upload a PDF of your drawings and submit online



Contest Guidelines 

Each contestant designs an animation character. All characters are judged by an animation
professional and winners are chosen.

First Prize
Free tuition for 2021/2022 Session II (Sept.11/Feb.6)

Second Prize
Toon Boom Harmony Licence

Third Prize
Toon Boom Storyboard Pro Licence

Fourth Prize
APW Animation Art Supply Pack. Art supplies for drawing valued at $300

Fifth Prize
Wacom Intuos Graphics Tablet

All contestants must be 14 years of age or older.
Canadian citizens and International students are eligible. Animation professionals, professional visual artists, former or
present APW students are not eligible as this contest is for beginners. Applicants to the APW O’Keefe Scholarship are not eligible.  Former or present students of
post-secondary Animation or Illustration Programs are not eligible. High school-age students are
All entries must be submitted online.

Each submission must include these drawings; 4 views of a standing pose (one profile facing left, one
front view, one seen from 3⁄4 right, one rear view); 3 active poses of your character (for example,
running, jumping, dancing, etc.), The following 4 facial expressions: 1.laughing, 2. angry, 3. surprised, 4. sad. Submissions must be submitted in the form of a PDF. Scan drawings, add the scans to a pdf and submit online.

1. Character Design submissions are accepted until Friday, August 13, 2021. Winners are announced on Monday, August 23, 2021. Prizes are awarded on Wednesday, August 25, 2021.

2. Each character design submission must include the following 11 drawings:
a. 4 drawings of your character in a standing pose (1 per page) one front view, one 3⁄4 view facing right, one profile view (facing left), one rearview. Think of these drawings as a kind rotation – 4 different views of one standing pose.
b. 3 drawings of the character in active poses (one per page) – the standing pose and active pose drawings need to show the character from head to toe so don’t crop at the shoulders or waist,
c. one page showing 4 facial expressions (laughing, angry, surprised, sad).

3. Canadian citizens and International students are eligible.

4. First prize is not transferable and can only be claimed by the winner attending the Session II (Sept.11/Feb.6) 

5. Only one character design submission per artist. 

7. No Applicants to the O’Keefe Scholarship are eligible to enter the APW Character Design Contest.

8. Only scans of your 11 original drawings uploaded as a pdf will be accepted, no digital paintings, no 3D modelled or computer-rendered images of your character – only scanned drawings. If your lines are too light and it’s too hard to see the drawing, your submission may be disqualified.

8. Scans of your character drawings only (no photos of drawings taken with your phone)

9. All entries must be submitted online and must include a completed APW Character Design Contest Entry Form.

10. Character Designs are evaluated on the basis of creativity, imagination, originality, 3-dimensional structure, “life-like” quality to the poses and expressions. If in the opinion of our judge, a character is seen to have an uncanny resemblance to an existing character, that submission will be disqualified. We recognize that inspiration can come from characters seen in tv shows and movies, but you must create a
character design that is uniquely your own. Traced or copied drawings of existing characters will be
disqualified. Use your creativity to design your own character.

11. Most importantly – have fun!

  • Now open for submissions

  • 2021 Winners are announced on August 23, 2021

  • Our 2021 Special guest judge is Vancouver based Animator, Lisa Wang, former APW grad and Sheridan Animation Grad


    APW Character Design Contest

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