Werner Zimmerman’s kind words about APW

Werner Zimmermann is an artist/illustrator/life drawing instructor presently teaching life drawing to animation students at Seneca’s Animation Arts Centre in Toronto.  Werner offers his assessment of Animation Portfolio Workshop as preparation for animation students.

I’ve been meaning to do this for a while, but now with the the new semester at Seneca I’m compelled to finally say it: Animation Portfolio Workshop is really making a difference in the quality of students that come into my first semester Life Drawing classes.

Although I am speaking solely for myself and not on behalf of Seneca College, after over 25 years of teaching I have seen all levels of students entering the life drawing classes. Simply said, there is a difference. Solid understanding of drawing fundamentals is immediately apparent in their work. Whatever they are doing, I personally endorse the work they do to prepare students for the creative challenges of animation programs regardless of school. 

Animation study, as rewarding as it is, is very challenging, demanding and often exhausting. Any preparation, especially of the quality of APW is well worth seriously looking into.

Well done guys! Keep them coming!

-Werner Zimmermann


Werner is widely known for his extensive work as an illustrator, and for his famous expertise in teaching Life Drawing to animation students.  For Werner, drawing is central.

These kind words are for us a meaningful confirmation of the direction we have been committed to since APW’s first group of students way back in 1999.  Our focus continues to be on guiding students into a working familiarity with basic fundamentals of Life Drawing for Animation (gesture, structure, weight, shape, volume to name a few) and Drawing for Animation (perspective, character design, object drawing).  All of this happens in the context of helping students to put together the best animation portfolio they are capable of.   For us, drawing is central.

Here are some of Werner’s drawings and links to many more.  Enjoy.

Lion-skull-multiple-views_Halinavariations-on-a-gestureCovered Male_feb_08Ed-June22-Sequence-2_SfwEd-June22--Pull-1_Sfw


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