Animation Portfolio Workshop featured grad Chang Dai

Chang Dai’s extensive animation experience covers character design, storyboards, art direction, hand drawn animation, game design and production design in Toronto (Yowza Animation, Arc Animation, Industrial Brothers, Jam Filled Entertainment, House of Cool), , Minneapolis, and in San Francisco (Play Studios).  Chang’s professional animation experience shows a highly developed ability to draw well.  Skillful visualization blended with a wide vocabulary of character poses amassed through an observational drawing practise have brought about the natural poses in her storyboards and in the fluid poses for animation sequences such as the “Dr. Who 50th Anniversary Project”.  This combination of drawing from observation and visualization is exactly our continued focus at Animation Portfolio Workshop.

When Change was beginning her portfolio preparation to get into Sheridan, she studied at APW.  Have a look at Chang’s Animation Portfolio Workshop entrance portfolio.

Animation Portfolio Workshop featured grad Chang Dai 1

Easy to see how excellent training in drawing is not only the way to enter and succeed in a top animation school, but also the key to a long productive career in animation.  Something to consider if you are beginning on this path yourself.  The “quick tips” and easy “learn to draw in a month” approach is no substitute for the real thing.

The past is another country.

“It all started out as a mild curiosity in the junkyard, and now it’s turned out to be quite a great spirit of adventure.”

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Project from Chang Dai on Vimeo.