Animation Career Review Interviews APW Directors

In 2012, Animation Portfolio Workshop was proud to be  listed  in the Animation Career Review’s top 100 Animation Schools in the World.  To find out more about APW’s unique approach to helping students gain a substantial advantage in the competitive world of applying to top animation schools, writer Bonnie Boglioli-Randall interviewed APW Directors Gerard Sternik and Vince Peets.

“Few were in a better position to see and understand the high stakes of the college animation world than Gerard Sternik and Vince Peets, both former Sheridan College animation faculty members. Leaving their high profile gigs at Sheridan, the duo formed the Animation Portfolio Workshop over a decade ago which was among the first of its kind to cater to secondary and post-secondary students. It serves two fundamental objectives: to ensure students’ portfolios are up to par in the competitive world of college entrance applications; and to inculcate in their budding animators the techniques of the art form- and a love for it- that will last a lifetime.”

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