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APW Grad Patrick O’Keefe – “Spider-Man Into The Spider-Verse” Art Director


Award winning “Spider-Man Into The Spider-Verse” Art Director Patrick O’Keefe talks abut his roots as an Animation Portfolio Workshop student.  Patrick cites his APW experience as seminal in forming a passion for drawing that motivates him to constantly aim high in his work as a professional.

Moving into films and working digitally, even building these crazy video game worlds, that all came from an understanding of drawing and design that I learned at APW

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What’s Learning The Language of Drawing Got To Do With Making An Animation Portfolio?

For 20 years we’ve encountered all kinds of ideas about what is actually involved in the preparation of an animation portfolio. A lot of these ideas have been erroneous, and a number of them have been downright comical in nature. We can talk about the comical ideas in a future post, but for now lets stick with the biggest misconception going around about how an animation portfolio gets made.

What's Learning The Language of Drawing Got To Do With Making An Animation Portfolio? 1
2019 Seneca Animation Portfolio Preparation / Soroosheh Safadel / Detail From Life Drawing
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Animation Portfolio Workshop Gesture Drawing


APW instructors demonstrate each drawing exercise.  Our instructors draw.  Our instructors are awesome.  The only way to teach something is if you understand it because it’s part of your daily life.  It’s the way Animation Portfolio Workshop operates.   Have a look at the following video to see

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Animation Portfolio Preparation at APW 2019

It’s that time of year again, and we have been very busy working with all of our current APW students on animation portfolio preparation.

As always, we have had another great group this year. The hard work and dedication that they’ve all devoted to learning how to draw over the past 38 classes and then applying those fundamentally essential skills to creating plenty of their best work for their animation portfolios has been an honour to help with and observe first hand as the process unfolds and develops.

Animation Portfolio Preparation at APW 2019 2
Renee McPherson / Seneca Animation Portfolio Preparation / Life Drawing


With Seneca animation portfolio preparations complete we are now closing in on finishing up the Sheridan animation portfolios as well as a number of portfolios for other programs. Congrats to all 2018-2019 Animation Portfolio Workshop students. Well done!!

What’s In An Animation Portfolio?

Want to know what goes into an animation portfolio?  It’s all about drawing.  The actual drawings in the portfolio are a byproduct of knowing drawing fundamentals like life drawing, perspective, character drawing, and many more.  No quick-tips or short cuts will ever substitute for the real thing.  If you want to get into animation school you’ll want to know this

What's In An Animation Portfolio? 3
Character rotation by Alisen Montoya. Animation Portfolio Workshop grad and Sheridan student.
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