Animation Portfolio Workshop is launching a new online version of our highly successful animation portfolio preparation program.

For 20 years, we have been training and preparing students to enter top tier post-secondary animation programs worldwide. APW training has and will continue to build in our students the drawing skills they need in order to perform successfully in their professional careers in animation.

We will be launching the complete APW program online in a comprehensive, interactive and user-friendly format. You will be able to study with APW from home and assemble your 2021 animation school portfolio submission.

If you are interested in signing up for APW Online, simply click here and fill out a registration form.  Under course selection, select APW Online and your name will immediately be placed on a waitlist for the upcoming program.

We do not require any payment at this time but you will be sent an invoice as soon as the course is available.

Please contact if you have any questions.


APW Online

Launch date – TBA.


What is the Program Fee
The fee for the NEW APW Online Program is $4,800.00 including HST ($4,176.00 + $624.00 HST)

Is this the same program as the regular APW Program?
Yes. This is the exact same comprehensive program that includes 228 hours of class time, real-time instruction, demonstrations and interaction with instructors. You will develop the same skills and have the same portfolio outcome. The only changes will be your physical location (at home studio) and the model will be seen on your screen and not in real space.

Is APW Online only a series of pre-recorded video classes like the other online classes I see being offered on the Internet?
No. The APW Online Program consists of 228 hours of interactive class time, full portfolio reviews, written and visual hand-out material as well as pre-recorded audio and video segments.

When do classes start?
Classes will begin in September 2020. The exact date is TBA.

Is there a waitlist?
Yes. There will be a limit to the number of participants who can take the APW Online Program. Since this is an interactive program in real-time, the course will be taught in the same way that it is taught in a real classroom.

To be placed on this waitlist, you must complete the registration form and it will be placed in order with the other applicants. Applicants are taken on a first come first serve basis.

What is the class schedule?
The schedule will allow for our students to complete the course on time for the post-secondary application/portfolio process in Jan./Feb. 2021.

Schedule TBA.
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