Covid-19 Update July 2021

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, APW has developed a fully established online presence for all of our classes.  Our online program has been running since September 2020. 

We do however fully intend to return to our in-person classes. 

These classes will resume when all of the conditions are present for us to be able to run them safely. This could occur as soon as April 2022.

APW will continue to deliver the high-quality online experience that we have been offering since September 2020. 

Once our in-person classes are up and running again, we will continue to offer the online classes to students who are not able to attend the in-person sessions.


Our Response

APW Covid-19 Info

Since we hold our classes in Toronto, Canada we refer to the Government of Ontario and to Toronto Public Health for up-to-date information on current health measures. Please continue to check back regularly for updates as circumstances evolve.

The Government of Ontario and Toronto Public Health inform our continuing response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Our goal continues to be ensuring the absolute safety of Animation Portfolio Workshop students, staff and models.  Please note: all APW sessions, classes and boot camps are currently online.  When conditions permit, we will not hesitate to offer in-person classes.


APW Online

Learn from home

APW Online delivers our full 228 hour comprehensive program with our carefully-honed curriculum that we have taught for the past 20 years.

These sessions are live, interactive and engaging with demonstrations and moment-by-moment personal feedback for each student from our instructors and our teaching assistants.

Students will learn how to improve their observational drawing skills through a variety of approaches and will prepare a portfolio of their very best drawings to submit to animation schools in time for 2022 deadlines. Each session is made up of 38 six-hour classes over a five-month period. Each class is broken down into 2 three-hour sections, with a one-hour break in between them.

Students receive a list of supplies and resources needed to set up an APW workspace at home. We walk them through the setup process in an orientation session before classes commence.

APW Online fees are $4,950.00 (Fees are subject to change without notice). Space is limited.

For further information please contact Bernadette at [email protected] or 647-960-2611

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I’ve signed up for APW. Are you still open for business?
APW is currently delivering our entire, comprehensive program via APW Online. APW Online sessions feature full 7 hour days as well as 3 hour evening sessions with us in our virtual classroom, with real-time instruction, one-on-one feedback, demonstrations and full lessons. Your portfolio will be ready for the next post-secondary set of deadlines for the coming year.

How have APW Schedules been affected?
All in-person sessions of APW have been moved to 2021/22.  All APW sessions are currently online. Information regarding the class schedules for the 2021/22 courses will be updated as circumstances require with respect to the COVID-19 Pandemic situation in Toronto.

How is Toronto dealing with Covid-19?
Toronto Public Health (TPH) is monitoring the number of positive cases of COVID-19 in Toronto. Current policy in Ontario includes physical distancing, mandatory face masks in public spaces and a 14-day self-quarantine for confirmed or suspected cases, in order to slow the spread of the virus.

For up to date information about Covid-19 please refer to current guidelines from Toronto’s Medical Officer of Health.

Where can I find out more about APW Online?
Click here to learn more about APW Online – our full comprehensive, interactive program.

Is APW Online available to anyone?

What materials and tech do I need in order to do APW Online?
Once you have completed the registration form and have paid in full you will be given a supply list and training on how to set up your APW workspace at home prior to the first day of classes.


We acknowledge that the safety and health of our students, instructors, models and APW team is connected to the safety and health of our city. APW is very grateful for the tireless work on the part of Toronto Public Health.


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