APW recognizes the boundless creativity, care and honest effort each young artist put into designing and posing such interesting, funny and original characters in the 2019 Contest. APW special guest judge Toronto storyboard artist Sonia Furier spent a long time looking at each drawing.  After hours of looking carefully at all of the entries, Sonia has chosen these very deserving 2019 APW Character Design Contest winners!  Congratulations!

1st Prize – Emilie Voisin

Emilie is a student at College Jesus-Marie de Sillery in Quebec city, Que.  She wins free tuition for the 2019/2020 session of APW.

2nd Prize – Meiyi Jiang

From Toronto ON, a student at A.Y. Jackson Secondary School, Meiyi wins Toon Boom Harmony – an opportunity to animate her rain-child character and bring him to life.


3rd Prize – Kevin Cai

From Iroquios Ridge High School in Oakville ON, Kevin wins Toon Boom Storyboard Pro – opportunities to create animation film sequences from his imagination using his own characters.

4th Prize – Maryse-soliel de Montbrun

From Innisdale Secondary School in Bariie, ON, Maryse-soliel wins $300 worth of art supplies that should keep her drawing and character designing for a long time.

5th Prize – Christine Omere

Julia is a student at St. Maximilion Kolbe Catholic High School in Aurora, ON.  Christine wins passes for herself and a friend to take in Anime North 2019.

Honorable Mention – Xavier Gama

Xavier is a student at Marjham District High School in Markham, ON. Xavier wins two complimentary days of APW classes.


These guys are just getting started too…We’re looking at the future of animation, folks.


Many thanks to Toon Boom for providing young emerging character designers with Toon Boom Harmony to bring their drawings to life and with Storyboard Pro – software to develop their stories with total artistic control. And thanks to Anime North for offering free passes to the largest fan-run convention in Canada!

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