Each year APW is fortunate to have a visiting pro act as a Character Design Contest special guest judge to look at all of the character designs submitted by young aspiring designers and choose the winners.  For 2018, our judge is Canadian stop-motion animator Lynn Dana Wilton.  Have a look at her awesome demo reel 🙂
Commercial Demo Reel (current) from Lynn Dana Wilton on Vimeo.    
Lynn's extensive & diverse professional experience covers international film festivals, TV series (Scout & the Gumboot Kids, Rick & Steve: The Happiest Gay Couple In All the World”), specials (“A Miser Brothers’ Christmas”), documentaries (“Four Faces of the Moon”), shorts/interstitials (Sesame Street, TVO), and independent film (“Biidaaban”, “(Re)Cycle”) as well as a host of artful personal stop motion animation projects. In Lynn's own words - "I’m a professional stop-motion animation nomad. Getting my hands on a range of materials and moving them around under a camera is what gets me excited. The best thing about stop-motion is having a connection to something real; whether it’s a fully armatured, three-dimensional puppet or pile of sand on a light table. An audience understanding what your character or material is thinking & feeling is where the real magic happens."


"Commercially, I've had the pleasure to work with studios such as Cuppa Coffee, Halifax Film Corp., and Alliance Atlantis, and independent filmmakers like Amanda Strong. I’ve mostly stuck with stop-motion as well as working with some fine artists incorporating animation (stop-mo, classical, paper puppets) into their installations and gallery shows."


2018 APW Character Design Contest

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