Portfolio tips from Jim Zubkavich – Parts 3 & 4

Jim Zubkavich is the Program Coordinator at Seneca's Animation Arts Centre at York University in Toronto. In this comprehensive five-part interview, Animation Portfolio Workshop Co-Director Gerard Sternik asks Jim Zubkavich for animation portfolio pointers to help students who want to get into animation school. Part 3 covers web-based jobs for animators, the predominance of interactive entertainment and video games in today's entertainment industry, Seneca's gaming Program, Director Chris Landreth/NFB/Seneca partnership in the production of the 2004 academy award winning short "Ryan", an animated tribute to Canadian animator Ryan Larkin, and the 2009 release "The Spine".  Jim also lists some names of various movies, games and other productions that Seneca students have worked on. Part 4 presents the core ideas that will help students who are starting out as Jim talks about: Portfolio pointers, advice on Life Drawing and how many drawings make up the portfolio for Seneca, advice on Room Drawing, Object Drawing. Finished drawings vs drawings that show construction.  This will help students to know what they need to concentrate on when building an animation portfolio. Click here for parts 1 and 2.