"The instructors at APW are very dedicated and attentive. Not only did I learn to draw, they also taught me how to see form, structure, and think and draw in 3D space. The skills I learned at APW have been extremely helpful through all four years in animation at Sheridan College."

Lisa Wang  -  Animator at Method Studios


Gerard Sternik, Program Director/Instructor

Gerard Sternik is a graduate of the Drawing and Painting Department at Ontario College of Art. He spent two years studying drawing and sculpture in Florence, Italy, and four years studying anatomy in conjunction with the University of Toronto Department of Gross Anatomy. He taught Life Drawing and Anatomy at Sheridan College in the Classical Animation Department from 1996 – 2000.

Vince Peets, Program Director/Instructor

Vince Peets’ professional experience as a storyboard artist covers animated TV series, feature films and TV spots in both Toronto and Los Angeles. He has taught drawing for animation, visual language and storyboarding  in the Classical Animation Department of Sheridan College.

Joshua Miller, Instructor

A graduate from the Seneca Animation Arts Centre at York University in Toronto, Josh is also a former APW student.  Since completing the workshop in 2011 Josh maintains his own drawing practice as he continues to lend his talents, enthusiasm and energy to teaching APW students.  @sketchemup

Lindsey Rosenow, Instructor-in-training

Lindsey is a former student of the Animation Portfolio Workshop.  Lindsey completed the workshop for the second time in 2014.   Then while studying at Seneca's Animation Arts Centre she began training as an APW TA and is presently training as an instructor.  @imaginationmountain


Bernadette Peets, Instructor

A graduate of the Ontario College of Art (OCAD), Bernadette majored in Drawing, Painting and Art History. She taught these subjects at Sheridan College in the Art Fundamentals Program and Visual and Creative Arts and in the Department of Continuing Education from 1996 – 2008. She has been developing her own art practice over the past 25 years in her Toronto studio.  www.bernadettepeets.com  Bernadette teaches Life Drawing for Animation.

Nashila Adetia, TA

A former student of the Animation Portfolio Workshop and presently studying at the Seneca College Animation Arts Centre, Nashila is part of our team sharing her talents and enthusiasm with APW students.

Simona Baranovicova, TA

Simona completed the 2014/2015 Fall/Winter Session of A the Animation Portfolio Workshop and presently studies animation at Seneca College's Animation Arts Centre.