Why take the Animation Portfolio Workshop?
To get into a top animation school you need to submit a portfolio of your drawings that demonstrate skills in the areas of observational drawing, perspective, character design, life drawing and more.  APW has designed and developed it's program in a workshop setting to cover exactly what you need to know in order to get into animation school and then to have the skills to meet the challenges of learning animation.
Do I need to show my drawings to someone in order to get in to APW?
No, we are all about starting at the beginning and building up a solid understanding of drawing fundamentals.  Anyone who is interested can register for APW.
Is APW an animation school?
At APW we do not teach animation.  Our focus is on teaching a solid understanding of the fundamentals of observational drawing.  Our goal is to enable each student to put together a strong entrance animation portfolio and be prepared for the challenges of animation school.
How long is a session of classes?
Each APW session has 38 days of classes.  *Classes take place on the weekend.  Each day of classes has one 3 hour Life Drawing class followed by 1 hour lunch followed by one 3 hour Drawing for Animation class.  *The APW Summer Intensive and the APW Winter Intensive have classes from Monday to Friday over a period of 8 weeks.
Why do classes end in February?
Mid January to March tend to be when the top animation schools set their portfolio deadlines.  Since the final portfolio reviews at the end of our workshop coincide with the deadlines for portfolio submission, APW students receive one-on-one guidance and input from their instructors and from APW directors at a time when it matters most - when they submit their portfolios.
Why learn drawing? Isn't most animation done with computers?
As a standard part of the application process, all of the top animation schools like Sheridan, Seneca, CalArts, Ringling, SVA (School of Visual Arts) and many more require each applicant to submit a portfolio of drawings that show a demonstration of skill in Life Drawing, perspective, drawing various objects from daily life, animal drawing, character design, storyboard and more.
How do i register?
Fill out the form for the program you're interested in and we'll contact you to walk you through the rest.

APW Summer/Winter Intensive

Who can take the APW Summer or Winter Intensive?
Canadians, Americans and international students are all eligible.
Do non-Canadian students need a study visa?
Since the APW Summer and Winter Intensive sessions are under six months in duration (8 weeks) They are covered by a simple visitors visa. Provided that the course or program of study will be completed within the period of your stay authorized upon entry into Canada.  Plan to receive your visa well in advance of the APW Summer or Winter Intensive start date to allow enough time to make adequate travel preparations.
Do the Summer/Winter Intensive sessions have the same number of classes as a normal APW Session?
Just like a normal APW session the Summer and Winter Intensive has 38 days of classes.  The classes take place Monday to Friday during 8 weeks in the summer (June to August) or in the winter (October to December).  Each day of classes has one 3 hour Life Drawing class followed by 1 hour lunch followed by one 3 hour Drawing for Animation class.
Do you arrange housing for students who do not live in Toronto?
We don't.  For people who are looking for housing options we are happy to recommend these agencies.
Can tuition be paid through paypal?
Yes.  Here's our Online Payment payment page.