Charlie Bonafacio

animation_portfolio_workshop_char_des_contest_2014_1APW is thrilled to have Charlie Bonafacio as the honorary guest judge for the 2014 APW Character Design Contest.  It's not everyday that a chance comes along to have your drawings looked at by a former Disney animator.  Charlie will look at this year's character design contest submissions and choose the winners.  Submissions are accepted until April 23, 2014.  1st prize is free tuition to the 2014-2015 Session of the Animation Portfolio Workshop and other prizes include Apple ipad Minis, art supplies, tickets to TAAFI 2014 and a free one year subscription to Animation Magazine. To find out more about the contest click here. For all of the guidelines and APW Character Design Contest pdf's click here. Charlie's experience includes animation on films such as Lilo and Stich, Hunchback, and Mulan.  His extensive animation teaching experience has helped to train and shape countless animators and animation artists who have come through Sheridan College.
Walk into any animation school or animation studio and mention his name and people know who he is - Charlie has built up such a strong reputation as an animator and animation educator over the years.   Vince Peets Co-Director Animation Portfolio Workshop
Charlie currently lends his experience and expertise as a special animation consultant at Arc Productions in Toronto. Charlie Bonafacio Pro Tip #9 - Personality and Story2010-12-01 Charlie Mo-vember pics - Finals 011 (4)