APW Starz Animation tour!

Recently, APW instructor Bahador Mehrpouya generously organized a tour of Starz Animation on Richmond St. in Toronto for the students of the Animation Portfolio Workshop.  The tour started in the main meeting room at Starz where Jason MacKenzie gave an introduction to the APW students and answered their questions about the studio.  Jason explained what Starz Animation does "As Canada's leading high-quality digital animation studio, Starz Animation Toronto provides major Hollywood studios and independent producers alike with world-class computer-animated content for feature films, DVDs, TV, visual effects, shorts and game cinematics".  Jason also explained how these students are embarking on a path and may one day fit into Starz or a similar studio once they have finished their training in animation school.  Films such as "9" were cited as examples of the top quality animation done by Starz.  It was a fantastic opportunity for the students of the APW who are currently at the pre-animation school stage of making their animation portfolios to talk to animation professionals and see a professional working environment firsthand.  The actual tour walked us through the areas of the studio that dealt with storyboarding, character design, rendering, animation, editing and ended in a state-of-the-art screening room in the basement.  Many thanks to Jason and to Bahador for the tour!  And of course, to Starz Animation in downtown Toronto.