Pro-Tip #5 comes from Toronto story artist Myke Bakich.  Myke was the APW 2016 Character Design Contest special guest judge.

Contrast is Key

  Contrast, in my opinion is the most important element in character design.  Contrast means the difference between two or more things, whether it be with space, shape, tone, colour, or rhythm.  Lets take an example to help me explain.  This is a design from Uwe Heidschotter sketch_05spaceshape Notice that the space around the design varies from top, bottom, both right and left sides. Also, if we take a look at the different parts that make up the character, we find that there are six different shapes being used and each shape is quite different from the others. Hope this helps you as you design your animation character.  Good luck to all the applicants for the APW Character Design Contest! Myle Bakich is a Toronto story artist.  His experience includes stops at Toon Box Entertainment, Starz Animation, Cuppa Coffee and House of Cool.  Myke has worked extensively with the APW as an instructor and a tutor (Drawing for Animation and Life Drawing for Animation). Watch Myke’s short film “Grumpy Old Man”   animation_portfolio_workshop_myke_bakich_2015   Contest Rules