Pro-Tip #4 comes from Hong Kong based concept artist Justice Wong. “Gestural Sketch” I use these three steps when I design a character:
  1.  Draw a loose gestural sketch using flowing curved lines.
  2. Continuing to draw very loosely, develop curved forms from the gesture – allowing the shapes to grow organically.  These new shapes suggest the forms that make up a rough idea for a character.  The loose gestural curves give me flexibility in this stage.
  3.  Using contours and outlines, solidify the forms of the character into a finished design.
Step1_border Step2_borderStep3_border Ken   Justice Wong is a concept artist currently working in Hong Kong.  Justice’s experience includes gaming, environment and character design, storyboards and animation. Intensive training in classical drawing with the APW’s Portfolio Workshop International, were followed by Graphic Design at Emily Carr Institute of Art and animation at Vancouver Film School.   Have a look at his blog - Contest Rules