alexa_phillip_7th_prize_2014Alexa Phillip of Bramalea Secondary School has designed this care-free happy character just bursting with personality and wins 7th prize - a one year subscription to Animation Magazine What would be your dream job?  I would love being an art director for DreamWorks or an animator for an epic television series. I'd love to take my ideas and collaborate with others to create a huge amazing world for others to enjoy. Do you have any favorite animators?  Walt Disney is definitely up at the top because his invention and characters were just so revolutionary in its time and he left behind such a great legacy but so is Tim Burton for his macabre but sweet films and anyone who worked on Avatar: The Last Airbender because every single character in that show was phenomenal. What are your favorite movies?  Happy Feet, Shrek, Shark Tale because they teach great lessons and have great songs. animation_portfolio_workshop_char_des_alexa_phillip_2014_8animation_portfolio_workshop_char_des_alexa_phillip_2014_7animation_portfolio_workshop_char_des_alexa_phillip_2014_6animation_portfolio_workshop_char_des_alexa_phillip_2014_5animation_portfolio_workshop_char_des_alexa_phillip_2014_4animation_portfolio_workshop_char_des_alexa_phillip_2014_3animation_portfolio_workshop_char_des_alexa_phillip_2014_2animation_portfolio_workshop_char_des_alexa_phillip_2014_3 animation_portfolio_workshop_char_des_alexa_phillip_2014_1