heidi_ku_6th_prize_2014_1Congratulations to Heidi Ku from Cardinal Carter Academy For The Arts in Toronto!  Her character design wins 6th Prize - a $100 gift certificate at BMV Books.   What would be your dream job?  My dream job would be working at a place where I'm able to express my ideas and creativity by doing something  that I'm very passionate about.  I would love to be an animator at a huge company where I get to have my own personal chef (my animation teacher told me that there were some companies that had that). Another dream I had was working at a gaming company by helping design characters. I also always draw comics, so getting paid for it would be great.
Do you have a favourite animator?  I really admire Hayao Miyazaki because his films are really amazing and I love Studio Ghibli. I follow some animators on some social websites also, and I really like Mike Inel's animation videos on his Youtube channel. Do you have a favourite movie(s) or comic(s)?  I have quite a few favourite movies: Wreck-it-Ralph, Spirited Away, Rise of the Guardians, Tangled, Frozen etc. I'm a huge fan of Disney, Dreamworks, Studio Ghibli, and Tim Burton films. One of my biggest hobbies is reading comics. I go on websites where there are many freelance comic artists as well as artists who post for fun (Inkblazers, Deviantart, etc). My all time favourite comic artists are Nozmo (Todd Allison and the Petunia Violet) and Yuumei (Knite, Fisheye Placebo) because they are the main reason why I am so obsessed with comics and have even inspired me to make my own. Other 2014 Character Design Contest winners. animation_portfolio_workshop_char_des_heidi_ku_2014_1animation_portfolio_workshop_char_des_heidi_ku_2014_8