oooooo yeaaCongratulations to our 2014 APW Character Design Contest winner Afia Fobi!  Afia is a high school student at Cardinal Ambrozic Catholic Secondary School in Brampton, Ontario, Canada.  Our special guest judge former Disney animator Charlie Bonifacio looked at all of the entries and chose Afia's gentle ballerina character to win first prize.  We asked Afia a few questions about her future dream-job and her favorite movies:
1.  What is your dream career? My dream career is to be an animator for feature films. I would also like to work in visual development, designing characters and environments. 2.  Do you have a favorite animator? Some of my favourite animators include Marc Davis, Milt Kahl, Andreas Deja, Glen Keane and I also have a soft spot for Eric Goldberg because we share the same birthday!  A more recent animator I admire is Minkyu Lee. 3.  Do you have a favorite movie(s)? This is most definitely the hardest question for me to answer, as there are literally dozens of movies I consider favorites. I enjoy most Disney, Pixar, Hayao Miyazaki and Satoshi Kon animated movies as well as films from Hollywood's golden age, John Hughes films, musicals and anything starring Leonardo DiCaprio. I tried my best to keep these answers short. These are really great questions, they're just difficult to answer without feeling like I'm excluding anything!
Other 2014 prize winners.  Here are Afia's drawings of her first prize winning character:animation_portfolio_workshop_char_des_contest_2014_afia_fobi_2 animation_portfolio_workshop_char_des_contest_2014_afia_fobi_8 animation_portfolio_workshop_char_des_contest_2014_afia_fobi_7  animation_portfolio_workshop_char_des_contest_2014_afia_fobi_5 animation_portfolio_workshop_char_des_contest_2014_afia_fobi_4animation_portfolio_workshop_char_des_contest_2014_afia_fobi animation_portfolio_workshop_char_des_contest_2014_afia_fobi_3animation_portfolio_workshop_char_des_contest_2014_afia_fobi_6 apw_enter_the_contest_banner