Our APW 2017 Character Design Contest special guest judge is Toronto art director, designer and creator Aaron Hong.
Aaron Hong has been involved in the animation biz for 10 years. Aaron's work was recently featured in TIFF’s New Canadian Animation Festival, his past projects include the 2015 CBC holiday special The Curse of Clara, Kafka’s Little Fable, CBC’s Chirp and various unreleased projects for clients such as Radical Sheep, DHX Media, Portfolio Entertainment,Smiley Guy Studios and Mondo Media. Aaron currently works at Industrial Brothers as Art Director on the preschool series Dot, based on the book by Randi Zuckerberg and in association with The Jim Henson Company.

Fun fact about Aaron Hong.  Before his animation career, Aaron was once an APW student.  Have a look at his portfolio.  

"Always know the audience you are designing for so you can then best determine the style to accommodate the story. I was told designing is always 80% research and 20% drawing."

2017 APW Character Design Contest

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