4th Prize – Orlagh Lucyk McGowan!

The APW team congratulates Orlagh Lucyk McGowan, the 4th Prize winner in the APW Character Design Contest!  Orlagh has won  a $100 gift certificate from BMV Books and a signed copy of Skulkickers comic.   A student at University of Toronto , Orlagh has plans to pursue her love of drawing and animation and hopefully end up doing storyboard work.   Many thanks to Seneca College Animation Program Coordinator Jim Zubkavich for acting as our honorary judge.
  • What inspired your character design?
"I watched a lot of Daffy Duck cartoons to see how they solved the problem of animating bird mouths."
  • What is your dream career?
"Storyboarding would be great – anything combining storytelling and visual arts, really!"
  • Do you have any favourite animators, animated movies or comics?
"Alex Alice and Johane Matte are a couple of animators I really admire.  As for cartoons:  I’m currently watching Gravity Falls, and the new TMNT series.  My favourite comics would have to be Kieron Gillen’s run on Journey into Mystery, Mike Mignola’s Hellboy, and Alex Alice’s Siegfried." Here are Orlagh's drawings:   apw_orlagh_l_mcgowan_1 apw_orlagh_l_mcgowan_1a apw_orlagh_l_mcgowan_2 apw_orlagh_l_mcgowan_3 apw_orlagh_l_mcgowan_4 apw_orlagh_l_mcgowan_5 apw_orlagh_l_mcgowan_6apw_orlagh_l_m_8