apw_character_design_winners_2015_nataniah_eubankOur 6th prize winner is Nataniah Eubank from West Hill Collegiate in Toronto for her high contrast awesomely inked dog design.  Nataniah wins passes to Anime North 2015.  
1. What influenced your character design idea?  My character design is one of my old toys I had as a kid.  I realized that when I used to play with my stuffed toys as a little one, I had pretty eccentric character ideas.  So I took one of my old stuffed dogs and made him more human. I imagined him slender and nothing fancy when I was small, so I went with that! 2. Do you have a favorite animator or artist?  My favourite artist is a Mangaka named Kaori Yuki.  She has a very gothic art style that I envy.  She knows how to beautifully portray the difference between white an black in her work.  I own and have read many of her series. 3. What is your favorite animated film?  The best animated film of all time has to be Spirited away.  The characters look absolutely phenomenal.  The story is great too.  I remember looking online for forever to watch it, and I finally own it on DVD.  It took a long ten years since I first watched to now owning it, but it was definitely worth the chase. 4. Describe your dream job.  My dream job is to be a comic artist that produces a series.  I know, I know... This was an animation contest, but I believe animation ( especially anime) was created by the artists' need to see their characters come to life.  Not to mention, the best way to develop as a good character designer is to study how the body ( whatever it's shape may be) moves!  A comic artist or Mangaka may have long hours, but they're aloud to work wherever they please.  This is very attractive to me.