apw_character_design_winners_2015_moxy_dickson Moxy Dickson from Collingwood Collegiate in Collingwood, Ontario wins 5th prize for her energetic exercising character.  Moxy wins an Intuous Pen & Touch graphics tablet.  
  1. What influenced your character design idea? This is kind of hard to answer, I guess I usually just think of something simple like a job or genre and then try building on it, for her the thought process was probably like okay so she's a young doctor, she's also obnoxiously into fitness, she's usually kinda stand offish but she loves helping people and can have fun every once in a while. and then I drew her 2. Do you have a favorite animator or artist? In the grand scheme of things i love Animators like Hayao Miyazaki, Satoshi Kon, Mamoru Hosoda, Brad Bird and Rebecca Sugar, but I'm also obsessed with the work of younger animators and illustrators like Jake Wyatt, Yudori, Sachin Teng, and Victoria Ying 3. What is your favorite animated film? Again there are way to many to choose from but i would have to say top 5 are Wolf Children, Osamu Tezukas Metropolis, Princess Mononoke, Coraline and The Princess and The Frog 4. Describe your dream job. I've dreamed of being an animator for such a long time, it such a beautiful, incredible art form, so i definitely would like to do something in the business, Doing character design, concept art, or storyboarding would be a dream come true for me!