apw_character_design_winners_2015_zi_chen1Zi Chen from Henry High School in Whitby, Ontario wins 3rd prize for this wonderfully stylish shopping character.  Zi wins Toon Boom's awesome storyboard software Storyboard Pro.  
1. What influenced your character design idea?  I want all the characters I create to have a certain 'theme' or purpose. In this case I chose a fashion designer and just made the character based off that. 2.  Do you have a favorite animator or artist?  Not really; I have too many. Too many inspirational people out there. 3.  What is your favorite animated film?  The Iron Giant I suppose. Or Mulan. Those two were good. 4.  Describe your dream job.  I don't have a dream job but it'd be nice to have a job where I wasn't cooped up in an office all day. Maybe I'll go pick peaches or something because I like fruit.