apw_character_design_winners_2015_reece_themenCongratulations to Reece Themen who has won 2nd prize - Toon Boom Harmony and a 90 min. webinar!  Reece is a high school student at Henry Street High School in Whitby, Ontario, Canada.  
1.  What influenced your character design idea?The influences for cid were my motivation from my friends to create/develop my original thoughts and ideas, and my imagination as to how people came to be. Cid is an acidic collector of souls who is one of death's original underlings (in short).
2.  Do you have a favorite animator or artist?My favourite artist would have to be the third place winner of this contest. We are friends from school and she's the one who told me about this contest. I just really love her cartoony style.
3.  What is your favorite animated film?I watch a lot of anime so that's hard to choose. I would have to say Princess Mononoke.
4.  Describe your dream job.I honestly don't know what my dream job is. I'm into math, science, art, music, and computers so I have a lot to choose from. I love learning new things and discovering different ideas so a scientist would be interesting. An animator or a video game developer would be awesome. I play trombone and being in a ska-punk band would be awesome. and computers fit into every category except music.