animation_portfolio_workshop_IMG_5333 We're so happy to announce the 2015 APW Character Design Contest winners.  Once again, unhindered creativity from so many young people has produced wonderful character designs that are funny, scary, energetic and thoroughly impressive.  A gallant otter/humanoid, a faceless four legged creature, a multi-coloured bird/lizard and more.  Everyone on the APW team extends a great big thank you to each artist who put so much time, effort and care into designing characters and entering the contest! Many thanks go to our special guest judge - Saud Boksmati.  Saud is an art director (at House of Cool) and therefore has an eye for creative, inspiring character design.  We're grateful for all of the time Saud spent carefully looking at each single drawing before finally deciding on these prize winners for the 2015 APW Character Design Contest.
    animation_portfolio_workshop_eric_chartrand_mccue_7     animation_portfolio_workshop_reece_themen_3   animation_portfolio_workshop_zi_chen_5     animation_portfolkio_workshop_max_leroux_5   animation_portfolio_workshop_moxy_dickson_7   animation_portfolio_workshop_nataniah_eubank_5   animation_portfolio_workshop_charles_li_1   animation_portfolio_workshop_austin_foster_1   animation_portfolio_workshop_comicon_early_bird_pirize_alexa_phillip7 Our special guest judge Saud Boksmati carefully looked at each character design drawing and chose the prize winners.