2013 Final Portfolio Reviews

APW students have been pouring their hearts and souls into creating their animation portfolios to send to top animation schools.  The full APW team - Directors Gerard Sternik and Vince Peets along with instructors Jose Rivas, Chris Cherkas, Sonia Furier, and Zen Rankin and TA's Josh Salmon-Miller, Danielle Van Eden and Keith Vaz were on hand to review student drawings from the 2012/2013 sessions of the Animation Portfolio Workshop. Life drawings were spread out and the best of the best from each student's work was chosen.  Room drawings, object drawings and various other character drawings and storyboards were reviewed by APW instructors as students put the final touches on their portfolios. We couldn't be more proud of this group of 2013 students who have all taken huge steps along their paths to studying animation and being animators. animation_portfolio_workshop_drawing_for _animation IMG_0353IMG_0262 IMG_0279IMG_0313IMG_0348IMG_0290IMG_0265IMG_0335IMG_0326IMG_0246 web_banner_contest_BLACK_psd   2012_portfolio_reviews_banner