14 Days 14 Characters

If you start with character, you probably will end up with good drawings - Chuck Jones
Ok character designers - it's time for a workout.  Join us and design a new character every day for 14 days from Wednesday, October 28 until Tuesday, November 10. Here's how it works: For 14 days - from Wed. Oct. 28 to Wed. Tues. Nov. 10 at 9am, each morning a new gesture drawing is posted here on this blog, on our APW Facebook Page and on twitter (@APWanimation #apw14days).  Design a new character every day based on that day's gesture drawing.  Be inventive - take your impulse and inspiration from the daily gesture drawing - do you see a particular kind of movement or thrust, a predominant shape or direction that suggests a character?  The more of these you do the better you'll get so take the challenge and design 14 characters in 14 days.  Share your drawings on facebook or twitter and you'll inspire others, too.  
  Day 1 character design drawings by Catarina Nin, Josh Salmon Miller, Dianne Cousins, and Simona Baranovicova, Vince Peets, Alex Flores Martinez,, Gabbrielle Aquino, and Jared Briggs were each based on the Day 1 gesture drawing. Day 2 character design drawings by Eric Chartrand/McCue, Josh Salmon/Miller, Dianne Cousins, Vince Peets Day 3 character design drawings by Josh Salmon/Miller and Vince Peets Day 4 character design drawings by Linda Liu, Orlagh Lucyk McGowan, Alex Barnes, Josh Salmon/Miller and Vince Peets  

Wednesday, October 28 to Wednesday November 4

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